Touchstone Blog #1 – The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Potter, B. (1902). The Tale of Peter Rabbit. London: Frederick Warne & Co.

This book is a Touchstone book and can be used for various grade levels (1-6).PeterRabbit

I’ve read this book quite a few times since my childhood; it was my family’s favorite series when growing up. Because the book is such a classic, it has a lot of resources online. A noticeable theme brought up in the book are  the consequences of misbehaving. Peter Rabbit starts off his day with his mother and brothers and sisters. Before his mother leaves for her trip to town, she warns her children to stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden because he doesn’t like rabbits taking his vegetables. Peter wanders off from his brothers and sisters and goes into Mr. McGregor’s garden, only to find himself into trouble as soon as he arrived. Thankfully, he makes it home safely but doesn’t get to eat the delicious dinner his mother made because she had a special dinner for him due to his high temperature. It is so important for young people to learn about both negative and positive consequences while growing up. Books like these that use animals as relatable creatures allow children to apply the lessons in the book to their lives.

Discussion Questions/Activities:

1. What would’ve happened to Peter if he hadn’t gone to Mr. McGregor’s garden? If he would’ve gotten caught by Mr. McGregor?

2. What would you would’ve done if you were Peter Rabbit’s brothers and sisters?

3. Write an example of a time when you faced a negative consequence based on your actions.

A lesson for this book could be a math lesson on the different sections of the book. This website ( has questions listed after every section of the book. My objective for this lesson would be given the worksheet and book, the student will be able to correctly answer 5 of the 7 questions. This particular lesson is for the 5th grade level of learning.

Standard Set 1.0 Students display, analyze, compare, and interpret different data sets,

including data sets of different sizes:

5PS1.3 Use fractions and percentages to compare data sets of different sizes

5MG2.1* Measure, identify, and draw angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, rectangles,
and triangles by using appropriate tools (e.g., straightedge, ruler, compass,
protractor, drawing software).

Website 1: provides an audio reading of the book and other resources!

Website 2: provides the book with illustrations and the lesson plan questions.

Website 3: provides California state standards for 5th grade and several pages of worksheets for review.


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    I also found this website for some great resources!

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