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Wow! So much information and insight! I love that each author gives their own personal background about the subject they are discussing. Sometimes this can be useful, and sometimes it can almost relate to propaganda. In “2¢ Worth”, David Warlick introduces politics when reminiscing on President Obama’s speech after Steve Jobs passed away. He tells his reading audience that he is going to introduce politics (in his opinion “crudely”) but he still does it! Obviously when dealing with online information, each individual reader is going to encounter different opinions. This is where children who are trying to learn information can be misled depending on who the author is. What I really enjoy is that the author posts questions to his/her blog, answers them, and then expects discussion and responses from their audience. Ewan McIntosh’s blog was interesting because he brought up a point that many middle-aged students think about in today’s society; what are children going to be like in the near future? Will iPads bore them? How will parents educate and entertain their children when they have the world at their fingertips? That’s how our futures will improve; children have the opportunity for quicker and more informed knowledge. The question is, will they be interested in improving it?



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6 responses to “Education Blogging

  1. I like your blogging cycle. Blogs can be misleading to young persons and one of the things we need to instruct on is this very thing: point of view is not necessary “fact” it is only an individuals take on an idea or thought.
    As a parent I worry about everything and what the future holds. What will technology be like for my children and students?

  2. Hi Melissa, great blog! I love the format as well as the content of your entry on Project-based learning. You are very articulate! How did you put that “Blog roll” in? I also like the graphic you posted. I wasn’t very thrilled about David Warlick’s or the other two blogs that the text suggested.

    • Hi Zara! I’m not exactly sure how the “Blog Roll” is on my page. I’m pretty sure it came with the layout! If I find out I’ll let you know! It’s hard to just read people’s opinions all day when keeping in mind (from what Joanne said) was not fact; I agree!

  3. I like your picture. Also, I think that blogging is something that teachers should use in a classroom. I think that the future will bring improvement in the education of children.

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