Week Number 3

 Our world: internet-ized

     When reviewing the past assignments for the last few weeks in my Computers in Education class, I realized how effective this electronic way of processing information really is. The graphic organizer assigned was so helpful in organizing the information given in “The World is Flat” lecture and, along with other online notes, Pensky’s message really stuck with me. Working with wikis can be extremely helpful, as well, but I find that it is easier to use Google Docs as a form of collaboration due to the fact that it is hard to communicate through comments that aren’t instantaneously downloaded. Also, some of the editing techniques can be really hard to get a handle on. I’m even having trouble posting this blog with the correct text font and size! These methods of collaboration and learning could be used in all levels of teaching! Watching a YouTube video was a lot more interesting than reading a book in one night, not to mention a lot less stressful which leads to more productivity. It helped me to read the articles assigned, though, because it grounded the information in the video even more. The only issue I could think of is the data of the collaboration. Like we said in class, a student could find his/her way around the collaboration credit but it would be hard not to notice. Also, if some of the children use the “my internet broke down” excuse, the student could be challenging the educator to provide an alternative method of finding some way to use a computer that won’t waste too much class time or put the child under social or financial pressure. Overall, technology has already proven to be a successful way of education and based on the information we’ve been learning, the biggest difficulty will be learning how to implement it into everyday teaching and (especially) learning experiences. I can really see ways to make implementing blackboard, YouTube, and other online resources a breeze in the classroom!


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  1. You bring up a great point that a Google doc is easier to work with than a wiki, we should talk about it some night in class because they are both very good for different things. You also bring up very valid classroom concerns that need to be identified and addressed before bringing lessons like this into the classroom. However I think you see the value in an assignment like this and could figure out how to make it work!

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